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Looking to become a successful real estate investor in your market? I have gathered 32 true real-life success stories of investors all over the states. They will share with you how they overcame their challenges and struggles and how they closed deals. They also share how much they made on the deal and give you a picture of their check. Everyone’s story is different, but you will find ideas, tips, marketing and negotiation strategies that will help open up your awareness and let you see more opportunities in your market. After you’re done reading, you will find that you don’t need lots of money or good credit to make money in real estate. I was pretty skeptical about it too when I first started, but trust me it’s true. What you need is desire and an open mind.

I bought my first flip using bank money. I renovated it and sold it for a net profit of $50,000 in three months. It blew me away. I used to make $30,000 a year working eight hours a day. I promise these true-life stories will blow your mind away and get you thinking outside the box. It will inspire and move you toward becoming a better investor. People are making six figures to millions of dollars wholesaling and flipping houses every day in your market. Have faith and believe that you can become a successful real estate investor. Remember these are real life people, not gurus.

The reason why I came out with this book is because I want to help people to see that there are many ways you can make money in real estate, and you can become financially free if you really want to. I truly hope this book will make an impact on your life and your journey toward becoming a successful real estate investor.

To your success!

Book Reviews:

“This is really interesting and useful book, I have to say. I’m economist, and I really wanted to broad my knowledge of investments and real estate. This book contains REAL stories about successful people from which you can learn a lot what to do and what not to do, and which can inspire you to get into this challenging business.”

“I can honestly say that this is a high quality book. All the stories inside kept me motivated to do the same and make money investing in real estate.”

“It’s really inspiring. This book basically discusses how to grow your money and teaches us how to become financially free. The author explains how you should invest your money correctly, how to avoid the most common mistakes and when you can expect profits. All information was expounded in the book clear and consistently. I think every businessman should read it.”

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