The Realm


The Realm by Dakota McElhinny

Due to a failed rebellion, a prince flees his homeland. But his thirst to rule does not cease, and soon, all dark forces across the Seven Plains recognize and follow his command.

Realizing the dangers this prince’s power poses, the wizard Telezzar visits an old friend for guidance. Consequently, he is thrown into an unlikely situation with four unlikely companions: an elf paladin, a dwarf ranger, a malobathron giant prince, and a leprechaun fisherman.

Between meeting Odie the Gneiss, a rock-like creature, and battling spidermites, Telezzar requests his new friends’ assistance in defeating the dark prince by finding and reforging the seven shattered electrum swords.

The companions run into a wide range of characters and challenges during their mission. Will the motley crew be able to find the electrum and defeat the evil prince?

Praise for The Realm

“If you like to read anything from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings… you will love this book!”

“It kept me intrigued from start to finish and was so creatively written.”

I can’t wait to read the next in the series!!”

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