For many years, residents flocked to this tiny, idyllic town of Vista Point on California’s golden coastline because they hope to escape the many pitfalls of big city life. Two detectives from the Vista Point Police Department’s newly formed Investigative Division were skilled at investigating smaller crimes. Their names were Robert List and Jamison Porter. However, after an error-filled homicide investigation, the Detectives are left fighting for their reputation.

A couple of weeks later, the infamous Lovers Bluffs becomes the setting of another brutal murder. As a result, Robert and Jamison must battle the incessant media. They must fight the dwindling support from the town’s citizens to bring the young girl’s killer to justice. With a clean site and no witnesses, the Detectives struggle to figure out who would want to murder this beautiful, innocent victim. Friendships are tested whilst searching for the truth. Families are torn apart as deep layers of secrets and lies are uncovered. Will the Detectives be able to redeem themselves? Can they repair the damage created, or will it be too little, too late?

Book Reviews for Redemption:

“This book was so engaging. It went at such an enjoyable clip that I finished it in just a few days”

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