Safe Journey Trilogy: An Adventure in Sydney Australia

safe journey trilogy


Safe Journey Trilogy – An adventure in Sydney Australia is the story of Julia Meier, a young Dutch backpacker/ traveler who meets a few new friends in the country of her dreams Australia. Through her new friends she experience Sydney a different way than she would have expected.

Julia meets Robby who used to be an owner of a hostel in Bondi. Unfortunately, he is skint and needs money so he can sue the council where Bondi is part of. Then there is Konrad, owner of a motel who is about to loose a lot of money. There are lots of suspects but thanks to the help of Julia, he knows who is behind the theft.

Money is what links all of them together. Julia has money and looses a lot thanks to Robby who has no money but is obsessed and then there is Konrad who looses money through a burglary at his own house done by people he and Robby knows.

The story is based on some travel experiences by the author Hugo Vaes who was in Sydney Australia in the year 2000. This story is the first book part of a trilogy that tells Julia Meier’s travel experience in, to and after Australia.

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