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Students have a well deserved reputation for being hard-up for cash. And just when you thought being a student was expensive enough what with the course, the rent, the food and the partying; knowing that you also need to buy all of your new study guides and textbooks on top is simply mind-blowing.

Amazon have the solution! With hundreds of used textbooks on offer, you can end up saving a miraculous 90% on used textbooks. Furthermore, you could save up to 87% on textbook rentals, and up to 39% on new textbooks. Of course, a brand new book is always great, but it doesn’t really matter when you’re realistically only going to pick it up a few times? Instead, you can use the money you’ll be saving on a nice meal or some new clothes!

If you want to join Prime Student, you’ll also be able to enjoy FREE two-day shipping. Students may also be eligible for a tax exemption on textbooks in some states.

Click the link below to browse through lots of textbooks and spend the money that you’ll save on enjoying yourself…

Shop Amazon – Used Textbooks – Save up to 90%

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