Scarred for Life: A Guide to Living with Scars

Scarred for Life Book Cover


Scarred for Life

Written by someone who understands how scars can affect your everyday life, this guide will be useful if you yourself have ever suffered from the social stigma of scars. It will help you recognise different types of scarring, how to prevent them from emerging, as well as some of the many treatment methods you can use to lessen their appearance.

In this book you will also learn about:

– The author’s personal story

– The many different types of scars and how they form

– Steps you can take to inhibit their development

– The best natural, medical and surgical techniques being used today to decrease their appearance

Reviews for Scarred for Life:

“This is a very knowledgeable book. It advises you how to take care of wounds and how to reduce scars or their appearances”

“This book was not only informative, it was also reassuring to know that others have experienced the same issues and there is help, worth a read.”

“Easy to read, informative and has helped me realise that my scar getting bigger isn’t just in my head but it’s actually growing slightly over time. Thank you!”

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