Secret Of True Love: Poems from the Heart

secret of true love


In the short life I have lived, I have found many looking for love and yet don’t know what it is. The book brings you through all the emotions of love; how much it hurts, and how much happiness it can bring. I share with you stories of situations that can answer the questions you have been looking for unlocking the secrets of love.

Foolish I know to think why do I need these secrets? The simple answer is when you find out the secrets of love you find the secrets to your own heart. To ask the simple questions of when will I find my true love? Why do I still love them after what they did?

Questions that seem so small and easy are very hard to answer given the person it is applied to. The book has many situations of love one could be a mirror of yours. We all know love has many secrets I give you one in the beginning of the book, as for the rest I leave for you to unlock in the pages of my poetry.

Book Reviews:

“This is a collection of poems that deals with various aspects of love. Many of them are poignant, and set a nice tone. There are three sections, dealing with love’s definition, hurts, and symbols.”

“In this book, the author discusses not only romantic love, but other types of love as well. Parental love, love for one’s pet, and allusions to love from a heavenly father can be found within the poems of this collection. The poems touch on issues to which we can all relate. The language is descriptive and beautiful.”

“I really enjoyed this book. The poems are all about the many aspects of love, both the good and the bad.”

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