Seven Days Dead

Seven Days Dead

The beginning of a zombie outbreak in the Middle East. Can people from different cultures, who have been at war with each other for centuries, overcome their differences in order to survive?

This book is an amalgamation of many different ideas. First off, zombies. What else really needs to be said about that? Everyone loves zombies. Secondly, I’ve set this in the Middle East, specifically the story begins in Jerusalem, to use the strife throughout the Levant as a back drop to the beginning, and eventually, another aspect of the human condition to rise above. Chaos, trauma, and tragedy are horrible to witness, but at the same time have galvanized people of disparate views into common purpose.

Hopefully, the zombie menace in this book, could be substituted for any disaster, and the lesson of human commonality can be learned without having to go through an actual event. I’m trying to go for realism here.

Geographically accurate routes, real place names, actual military units and equipment, ethnically identifiable names.

We’ve all read zombie books or seen zombie movies where the characters actions just don’t make sense, aren’t real, or the emotions are more like what you’d hope people would act like and less how they’d really act. Realism, insofar as a zombie apocalypse can be realistic, is my goal with this book.

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