Shizzle, Inc



Isa Maxwell is an average busty blonde, a recent graduate of a community college, and rap-loving, gun-toting, self-proclaimed badass. More than anything else, Isa wants to be discovered, so that she can solve her financial woes and win back Brad, the love of her life.

Thanks to her clumsiness, street smarts, and an unbelievable bit of luck, Isa lands a dream job at Shizzle, Inc. Things start to look up when Mr. Hue, the playboy billionaire owner of Shizzle, Inc takes Isa under his wing. Isa even gets a number of new love interests, but all is not what it seems. In fact, absolutely nothing is what it seems.

Can Isa survive the tough world of corporate intrigue and constant looming bodily harm? Or will her efforts be the end of Shizzle, Inc and possibly her life?

Book Review:

“In reading this book, I have never laughed so hard in my life. Isa is quite a character and can be a little delusional at times, but that just makes this book all the more comedic. I read this book in one night because I could not put it down wondering why could possibly happen next.”

“This debut novel is the first in an intended series and I fully confess to looking forward to the next of Isa Maxwell’s escapades. Shizzle, Inc kept me so fully engaged for a long train journey, that my fellow passengers failed to annoy me with their mobile phones and loud talking. Normally, I get very easily distracted and tense under such circumstances. Instead, I ended up smiling … a lot.”

“Shizzle, Inc. by Ana Spoke is a hilarious book. Right away, I was laughing out loud. Isa Maxwell is quite possibly one of the most unaware main characters I have ever read, but it is just that ignorance of herself and life in general that makes her such a funny character. I found myself drawn to Isa because she was so comedic.”

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