Something for Nothing



Cotton Waters had known the old relic hunter, Gabby MacLean, for fifteen years.  Their paths crossed often in backcountry village cantinas and the streets of Old Town Vallarta where MacLean pedaled his artifacts and fakes and funded his next dig with promises of shares in Cortés’ lost treasure, while Waters worked his “cultural services” hustle, taking care of dubious business on the seedier sides of the Mexican Riviera for the restless and rich–and sometimes for the needy.

When the old pot hound disappears in the river delta swamps of northern Nayarit during his search, Vallarta’s “Something” decides that Cortés’ Treasure and its Aztec hiding place may be more than just part of a longtime scam that funded Gabby MacLean’s quiet coastal lifestyle.

Waters’ search points him to Puerto de San Blas, the seamiest, seediest port town on Mexico’s west coast, a long-forgotten way station for shoestring budget travelers, social dropouts, cartel drug dealers, and international freebooters out to make a dollar any way they can, even if murder is involved.  Enlisting a gringo greenhorn to help, Cotton Waters searches for his friend’s killer, the stolen relics that may or may not be real, and their “rightful” owners.  Artifact dealing with an odd collection of international hustlers and vagabonds brings Waters a drug cartel death threat, an encounter with a DEA stringer, and a chance to avenge MacLean’s murder and alter ancient legends of Aztec origins.  All the while “Something” is working for his usual fee:  nothing.

Book Reviews:

“Something for Nothing is a great way to revisit the west coast of Mexico. The reader can pick up some history & learn some culture in a fast-moving story about black market antiques & drug runners. I love the feel of the country the author creates!”

“This third book in Richter’s “Something” series is the perfect combination of intrigue, local color, and humor. The comic character of Marvin Mason is the best thing to come out of Kansas since Dorothy and Toto! Descriptions of the Mexican Rivera, along with cultural and historical insights, make this read a rewarding experience.”

“Reading Robert Richter’s “Something for Nothing” was delightful and suspenseful. His knowledge of history and local folklore is impressive and he weaves that authenticity into his detective work quite effectively. Some of the characters are well developed enough to be “antipáticos.” I was drawn in, wanting to read the following saga of the Robert Richter’s “Algo Adventures” with total anticipation.”

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