Sovereign Social Protocol: Life and Death In The Council



In 2034, Aaron Trudeau is about to graduate college and enter the real world. As he learns that most everyone is blinded by the government’s accomplishments, Aaron seems to have more and more doubts. He signs up to join the SSP, Sovereign Social Protocol, better known as “The Council,” more out of defiance than a civic duty. As he treads deeper into the SSP, his covert plan derails as he discovers there are more horrific practices than even the SSP could imagine.

If you’ve been looking for an exciting new dystopian thriller, this is it! Sovereign Social Protocol will leave you so enthralled that you won’t be able to put it down once you start.

Book Reviews:

“I’m not into cliffhanger endings but this one is an exception. It had me in its clutches and definitely wanting more!”

“I normally do not read futuristic books but I bought it because a friend would not stop bugging me to read it. So I started reading it with an attitude of disdain. That attitude slowly dissolved as I read more and more, soon my brain was running at full speed, and I could not put it down, and stop reading.”

“SSP is an easy read and almost as enjoyable as the Hunger Games and Maze Runner series. This first book leaves you with a glimpse of the other books in the series to come. Greatly enjoyed!”

“Until now I have never read a futuristic novel but I always thought it would be an intriguing read. I was not wrong at all and I read the book in one sitting, because it was such an amazing thought provoking book. I love the concept and imagination that went behind this story. Great job done by the author”

Download your copy of this futuristic short story here.

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