Sunny Side-Up: A Susan Cramer Mystery (Book 2)

Sunny side up


Susan Cramer was desperately in need of a vacation, but not at the expense of another dead man. A leisurely vacation turns deadly when an old man falls dead at Susan’s feet on the cruise ship Aloha. Was she some sort of death magnet? Maybe so. Maybe not. One thing was for sure. Through the lies, secrets, and surprises to be discovered on board and off, Susan will learn at least one important thing, and this thing called “love” will be something she wished had never followed her out to the high seas.

Book Reviews:

“I enjoyed reading “Sunny Side-Up” by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones, the second book in her Susan Cramer Mystery series.”

“This is the second book of a series which I hope goes to ten volumes, or more. I finished this exciting one hundred ninety-page cozy mystery in two days. The presentation is impeccable and keeps the reader on the edge. Sunny Side-Up is well written. The ending is a clever surprise.”

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