Supernormal – Book 2 of the SUBNORMAL series: Great Britain as a Dystopian Society


Supernormal by Stuart Kenyon

Nearly half a decade has passed since Paul Kelly and his friends ousted dictator Alison Latham. Finally the deposed Prime Minister and her Unity lackeys are in prison and after years of war. The people of Great Britain are finally starting to recover.

Former Zoner Paul and his surviving Rebel allies crave a normal life! They want to be free from the persecution and oppression they suffered before their emancipation.

But a new threat is emerging, in the shape of radical faction Revelation. Led by charismatic zealot William Cayde, the army of fanatics aim to restore their idol Latham’s version of utopia. They send “subnormals” like Paul back to industrial zones. They are also willing to commit unspeakable acts of terror to achieve their goal, attacking the nation’s weakest without mercy.

Due to his Asperger’s Syndrome, Revelation class Paul as a “subnormal”. Back in 2015, he used his condition to his advantage. He must do so again if he is to protect his adopted family! He also wants to expose the unholy alliance which threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.

About the Author

As the father of an autistic son, Stuart Kenyon is donating a fifth of all royalties to his local Special Educational Needs school. The school is raising money to provide much-needed sensory equipment for the children.

The author – who was tested for Asperger’s Syndrome himself – has based some of protagonist Paul’s traits on his own. The character of Ally is inspired by Stuart’s son.

Stuart lives in Greater Manchester, England with his wife, son, daughter and dog. He read English Literature at the University of Salford.

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