The Beauty Thief (Chronicles of the Twelve Realms Book 1)



Stepping into a world of fairy tale and lore may seem safe, but hidden beneath every idyllic world lies a grim truth against which no one is safe.

In the Twelve Realms there lives a covetous man. He lurks in the shadows, intent upon stealing the essence of what sustains life: true beauty. And Princess Caityn’s beauty runs deep.

While Caityn prepares to marry her betrothed the thief schemes, hidden in the shadows, never far away from the prize of her youth and depths of eternal beauty.

But the thief’s covetous thirst for life-giving beauty is a legend long forgotten, and no one knows the true devastation his depravity will bestow. Caityn and Theiandar’s love will be tested and their lives put on the line by the quest to uncover the mystery of the curse. If the uncompromising devotion of one man is not enough, Caityn’s soul will be lost forever.

Book Reviews:

“This book really captured my attention! The descriptive scenes and developing plot kept me turning the page well into the night. There are few books that have me as gripped as The Beauty Thief. My two teenage daughters loved it as well, and we can’t wait for the next one in the series.”

“This is a lovely book and an enjoyable read. A new fairytale classic. It begins a little slow, depending on what you consider slow (everyone is different) and peaceful, where everything seems wonderful and a dream come true for Princess Caityn. But the peace doesn’t last long. The Princess is attacked one fateful evening, as the person known as the Beauty Thief steals away what is most precious to her: her inner beauty”

“Highly recommended for fans of YA fiction, fantasy and all my fellow lovers of fairy tales, myths and enchantment. Grab a copy and read this captivating tale of love, envy, treachery and bravery. Like me, you’ll be eagerly awaiting the second book in the series, “Captive Hope.””

Download your copy of Book 1: The Beauty Thief by clicking here and if you love it, get Book 2: Captive Hope here.

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