The Children of Hinnom

The Children of Hinnom Book Cover

The Children of Hinnom by Colin Watts

In this debut supernatural thriller, Martin and Kate are celebrating the birth of their daughter Melissa. The Cotswold idyll of Coombe-Under-Lye that the couple recently moved to seems a perfect place to raise a family. But when mysterious things that focus on Melissa start happening in the cottage, Martin and Kate feel uneasy. They witness objects moving by themselves and strange noises. As a result, they become convinced that their house is haunted.

With the help of a University Paranormal Research team and a trusted medium, the spirit in the cottage is shown the way to cross to the other side. But while the portal is open, a malevolent spirit returns from the realm of the dead. The spirit is Hell-bent on turning the small village into the new seat of worship for his ancient god.

As the village suffers at the hands of the evil spectre, Martin enlists the help of a Professor of Middle Eastern pre-biblical history. He hopes to find a way to fight the spirit, banish him back to the land of the dead and save the village from damnation.

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