The Dancing Boy



When 87-year-old Margaret Neilssen is found dead in her Victorian home overlooking the small, picturesque town of La Conner, Washington, everyone assumes it was an accident. The result of a stumble in the night. A fall down steep stairs. But was it an accident? Or was it a crime committed to cover up something far worse than murder?

Praise for The Dancing Boy

(Your novel brought back a) flood of memories of my years in the Skagit Valley. How much fun to return to those places hidden away in the cobwebs! But the MOST fun was the enjoyment of your story! How many anecdotes your tale triggers in my mind!
–David Greene

What an excellent story and how well you maintained the tension continually from Chapter 1 right up to the epilogue! Each time I thought it was all over and you were going to wind down, a new crises reared its ugly head and the excitement continued.
–Michael La Brooy

Wonderful character descriptions, realistic locales; this book is a page turner!
–Carolyn Lawson

Download your copy of The Dancing Boy here. If you enjoy Michael Matson’s stories, you may also enjoy The Diamond Tree which you can download here.

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