The Evil Within Me


The Evil Within Me by Chan Jagatia

You are all alone in a narrow and very dark corridor. In front of you stands a nightmarish being, the thing you fear most in the entire world. You hear it breathing. You place your hands over your mouth in order to steady your own breathing, hoping to stop the sound of your hastened breath … Be prepared for shock horror and dread! And be grateful you’re not Sam Smith.

Sam has a close circle of friends but one of them has become entangled in something so awful that their web of friendship is under impossible strain. Sam has been severely tested by life but now he must undergo unimaginable obstacles – and a hellish figure of Nazrath from Ancient India emerges from the darkness.

Book Reviews for The Evil Within Me:

“If you want a book which is a page turner, has characters to root for, good setting and plot then this book is a MUST READ for you.”

“I started to read this book and couldn’t put it down. While the suspense builds up, the story moves on and it becomes quite gripping.”

“What clever writing! This novel was suggested by a close friend and being the dubious person I am, I was unsure initially. However, it was very well written.”

Grab this brilliant debut novel by Chan Jagatia here, for a mix of the horror genre with Indian Mythology.

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