The Magic Man’s Forbidden Dreams: Tale of the Inn Keeper’s Niece

the magic man


Note: Contains adult themes.

Joe the Magic Man has returned in this spin-off novella to “Get Out of My Dreams.”
Going beyond the crime-solving Joe that “Get Out of My Dreams” portrayed, where the reader only caught a glimpse of his steamy adventures, “Tale of the Inn Keeper’s Niece” shows his more passionate, erotic side.

Set in 17th century France, get ready to be swept away on a sex-filled—with a touch of kink—whirlwind adventure.

In order to support her family following her father’s imprisonment, young maiden Jean is forced to go and work at her uncle Joe’s tavern. So, leaving her family and her new fiancé behind, Jean sets off to the next village to become a serving wench. Although anxious to make money, she’s afraid of what the job entails. This is until she gets a taste of womanhood, and then enthusiastically learns all the tricks of the trade.

Book Reviews for The Magic Man’s Forbidden Dreams:

“After reading ‘Get out of my Dreams’ I also decided to read Allan Lewis’s follow on ‘Tale of the Inn Keepers Niece’. I was not disappointed the second book was more surprising than the first. This time Joe the Magic Man steps back into his own private dreamworld to explore the life of a 17th Century Prostitute. Erotica at it’s best.”

“Overall, this story creative and brilliant!”

“Its steamy and erotic tale, that is fast-paced, very well-written and will certainly keep you engaged! I will probably be picking up the other book by this author as well!”

“Hold on, you’re in for a fast ride!”

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