The Malefactors (The Star Traveler Series) (Book 4)

the malefactors

A twisted tangle of Passion and Murder.

The Malefactors is Book #4 of the Star Traveler Series which began with The Helavite War.

What happened in the year 30-31 A.R. (After Reestablishment) that threatened to shatter Garrett and Pon’s new marriage before it even had a chance to flower? Can a child rescued from certain death at the hands of the local Guardians on Goliath’s Third Moon be the catalyst to save their marriage?

Meanwhile we are led to the rainy, dank planet of Walh. The ruling family has found out disturbing information about Targus which will send the M.T. team spiraling out of control.

It is only through Terrell’s inherited ability to learn languages and his persistence that Targus may escape his fate in a society that is scarcely more than medieval in its technology. But, in order for Terrell to save his captain he must resurrect and conquer the hidden demons he has tried so hard to bury.

Praise for The Malefactors:

“This book takes you ever deeper into character development which is great! you come to know the characters even more. I highly recommend this entire series for all ages.”

If you enjoyed the first three books in this series, you can download The Malefactors from or


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