The River Hideaway



The year is 1967 and Wilmington, NC, like much of the nation is embedded in racial turmoil. Bret Marin and Money Wilkins, two boys on the cusp of manhood meet on a basketball court where each earns a measure of respect that eventually leads to an improbable friendship.

Bret’s life is constructed around his love for his little brother Alex and hatred of their cruel wealthy father.

Money Wilkins possesses no external luxuries but thanks to his father, Clarence, a builder of houses and lives, he has the greater riches. When his beautiful sister Teke visits it sets off a series of events no one could foresee. The most chilling being the dark night the Klan appears.

Book Reviews for The River Hideaway:

“Outstanding read. Kudos to Billy Beasley on this first of many novels. I could not put this down and in a day and a half I had new friends in the well developed characters.”

“This book was perfectly written. I didn’t want to put it down and so I’m truly sad it is over. In conclusion, I anxiously awaiting more from Billy Beasley.”

“Great book. I enjoyed each of the characters as well as the local Wilmington geographic and social references.”

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