The Suicides



It is 1892 and a disturbing number of young adults have committed suicide in Sunny Harbour, New York over the past few years. Alfred is a creative writer and student at Brown University and he visits the eerie harbour town for the summer. He struggles with depression and is drawn to the story of Sunny Harbour’s suicides.

He plans to discover the mysterious place where all of the suicides’ bodies were tossed. As he digs for information, he is met with hostility from the townsfolk, especially from store owner Caleb McFarlane.

Sarah, a closet writer, secretly shows Alfred where the bodies were placed. The quest leads Alfred to a pistol duel with Caleb, who is Sarah’s husband. As Alfred stares death in the face, he is left to wonder if his project was in vain.

An unlikely ally steps in to end the showdown, but Alfred’s salvation comes at a great cost – one that he may never recover from.

Reviews of The Suicides:

“Ms. Kjeldsen’s story captivates the imagination with suspense and psychological twists and turns.”

“The dark, dream-like quality style puts the reader in a trance that is hard to come out of after the last page. A great, quick read!”

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