Monte Vista Village: The Survivor Diaries



Did you ever wonder how you would survive a global nuclear apocalypse? Lynn Lamb imagined it into existence on the written page!

Lynn Lamb is the author of the post-apocalyptic Survivor Diaries Series. She also wrote The Oxymoron of Still Life, a Short Story Anthology with a twist on life, dying, and death. Lamb was inspired by the characters in her hometown of Monterey, California. Lamb is also an independent filmmaker and scriptwriter. Her dream is to produce the Great American Documentary.

The Survivor Diaries Series explosive novels have made a big bang in the post-apocalyptic genre scene. Be on the lookout for more Lynn Lamb titles, coming soon!

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Book Reviews for Monte Vista Village:

“I really enjoyed reading as the characters grew and developed.”

“I was more than impressed by the depth of the characters. As a first time reader of this author, I felt as though I got to know her characters and the world she created.”

“I can’t wait to start book 2 to find out wheat happens to the people of the Village. Keep on writing! Thanks!”

“The amount of research Ms. Lamb must have done is sort of staggering! I love this book!”

“OK, I love zombie books and this is one of the best I have read. Love the vivid descriptions, the fast pace, the unexpected turn of events and the characters.”

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