The Truth: Keepin’ It 100: The Blueprint to Relationships

the truth


Do you yearn for that special relationship? Do you crave that feeling that we all have to be needed and wanted by someone that we love? Are you still wondering why guys can’t act right or why women continue to thrive on drama?

If you’ve been asking yourself questions about why it seems we just can’t get it right, and you want more, here’s a blueprint. In this book, the author uses his life experience, and the experiences of others close to him to give relationship advice. The manuscript is structured to give advice for different stages of a relationship, from the pre-relationship advice on how to approach a potential partner, to how to initially enter into or start a long lasting relationship and make the foundation strong.

The book gives advice to both sexes on how to give the best approach to a relationship. As the title suggests, this book places importance on “keeping it 100” with a partner. The author travelled the world and has been to more than 25 different countries spanning 15 years. During this time he interviewed several people of all ages, ethnicities, and cultures. He asked them about the intricacies and details of their relationships.

The Truth provides answers to today’s most pressing issues about relationships, and lays out the roadmap to help you navigate. In conclusion, this book may appeal to readers interested in relationship self-help books.

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