The Visitor


On a rural Georgia farm in 1899, a lazy summer afternoon is interrupted by the arrival of a man claiming to be from the future. The visitor intended to provide the nation’s forefathers with a letter detailing future events that lead to the demise of America in the 21st Century, but ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time, he has no choice but to leave the letter with the farmer.

Although no one ever believed the farmer’s story about the visitor, he’s afforded one last opportunity to recount the event with Theodore Garfield, a reporter for a local newspaper. But like everyone else, Theodore rejects the farmer’s story and dismisses the letter’s ominous warnings, including the prediction that America’s gradual collapse will begin with the murder of a future American president named John F. Kennedy.

Years later, Theodore’s encounter with the farmer is all but forgotten until a young senator named Kennedy is elected president. With the old farmer and his letter now long gone, will Theodore Garfield be able to prevent one of the most tragic days in American history?

Book Reviews:

“I loved this short story. I am looking forward to reading other stories written by Mr.Pattison.”

“The weaving of an interesting fictional narrative with theology, history, political commentary, media ecology, science fiction, and pharmaceuticals in such a short space is impressive.”

“Really enjoyed it. Wish it was longer. Highly recommend it.”

“I found The Visitor rather entertaining and it left me with my mind reeling – if a story or book can keep you thinking after you have put it down, then there is something special to it.”

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