The Wooded Path



The Wooded Path takes you to Lake Norman, North Carolina, where the disappearance of a woman leads her friends to question their own lives, their marriages and relationships.

Secrets are revealed, risks are taken. What’s normal once you realize life is short? Whose life will take a new path…and what really happened to their missing friend?

Praise for The Wooded Path:

“They say most of life’s problems involve sex or money.”
Spoiler alert—this one isn’t about money. And it isn’t about sex, exactly, unless one counts all those delicious degrees surrounding “the deed.” The omniscient, edgy tone of the Wooded Path gives the reader a sensation of watching trains hurtling down the track toward each other… 

Cute, clever dialogue, and lots of real life issues pepper the page and make this a must-read for women struggling with middle age itch, the need for meaningful friendship bonds and the illusion that the marital grass is greener outside….  

The reader is allowed a peek into the different characters’ seemingly perfect lives in the aftermath of the inciting incident that bonds them all together. In the end I was reminded how similar we are all, and that we are all our sister’s keepers, but not their judges.” —Anne Schroeder, author of Cholama Moon and soon Maria Ines

“…a psychological romance. A friend’s mysterious disappearance pushes Laine McClelland into a midlife crisis. The author’s stream of consciousness account of Laine’s quandary about the direction of the rest of her life, particularly her love life, reveals a lot about marriage and relationships in modern suburban neighborhoods. It’s a quick read, but makes you think.”
—Janet Greger, author of medical mystery/thrillers – Coming Flu, Ignore the Pain, Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight, and now, Malignancy

About the Author… Nancy LiPetri lives on Lake Norman, North Carolina, the setting of The Wooded Path. Originally from landlocked Iowa, she has enjoyed living on both coasts as well as in her husband’s native Chicago, taking her family and copywriting career with her and gathering inspiration for her fiction along the way.

You can pick up your copy of The Wooded Path here!

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