Twenty-One Again!



Kate Wilson is nudging 50. Her bosom has gone south, her waist has acquired a spare tyre that wouldn’t look out of place on a monster truck and don’t get her started on her cellulite-riddled thighs. Kate’s confidence is at zero and to cap it all her husband has just traded her in for a younger model. Everywhere Kate looks youth hits her in the face. Kate hates getting older. If you are not young, nobody wants you. But Kate still dreams that one day she will find the perfect man. And she does. Problem is he’s twentysomething and she’s…not.

Book Reviews for Twenty-One Again:

“I really enjoyed this – what a fun read – like a modern day fairy story (complete with fairy godmother(s)!)”

“An entertaining contemporary romcom. It is refreshing that the main character is a more mature woman complete with the fuller figure and beset with middle-age insecurity and a rubbish husband.”

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