Uglier: A Novel

Uglier Book Cover


The diagnosis that upends her world.

Bernie is a strong but insecure woman trying to muddle through a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Her world regularly turns upside down when certain life events spiral her out of control. She’s passionate about horses and her father’s goats, but living with the disorder puts her in denial, a drug-induced haze, and the subsequent results of being medicated.

Book Reviews for Uglier:

“What a truly brilliant and insightful book. It offers a compassionate, honest look at bipolar disorder and the havoc it can wreak in one’s life, as well as possible solutions and options. It is heart wrenching and hopeful at the same time with characters that are masterfully crafted, created, and nurtured thereby ensuring they are endeared to a reader’s heart always.”

“I really enjoyed this book. The author takes you on a great adventure. The story is great and within the story you learn so much about Bipolar disorder. I would highly recommend.”

“”Uglier” is much more than an account of illness. It is an engaging story of one woman’s life; her struggles and dreams. Illness plays a part, but ultimately does not define her. That is a strength of the book and should add to its appeal.”

“Having been around this issue myself, the issues are well portrayed on how the changes affect the person and is not at all a clinically set book. It is heartfelt and well written. I look forward to more projects from this author!”

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