Understanding the Dangers of Social Media

Understanding the Dangers of Social Media

A few years ago, an online social network was a revolutionary concept. But now sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and countless others have come to invade the lives of many. As a result, they have come to define our daily practices of communication.

Jennifer Hamilton’s well-informed eBook Understanding the Dangers of Social Media is endorsed with thorough research and reflects upon how frequent use of social media has a predominantly detrimental impact on teenagers and their safety.

By reading Understanding the Dangers of Social Media, you will learn;

– What is social media and why society is so dependent upon it

– How social media influences the way we perceive ourselves and others

– The dangers of online bullying and it’s enduring consequences

– Why it is of the utmost importance to keep information private while online

– What makes it become as addictive as a drug

– How social media has become a readily available platform for sexually exploitative content

– Finally, how and why parents should monitor their child’s use of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc

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