Universal Savior First Title: The Tenth Savior



In the distant future, on a planet light years away, there is a war being fought between a kingdom and a freedom brigade. On one side, a king named Laory Demtris that rules over the people with cold brute strength and unjust leadership. On the other, the leader of the rebellion is a father named Tohsan Reinth, who believes that protecting his two sons and his wife is the most important thing in the world.

Along with saving as many of his people as he can. Laory strives to be rid of the Romban Mission and restore order in his kingdom. With his wife Evielya Demtris and only son Ruutar, Laory rules over the city of Mazora with no mercy or pity for the weak. The leader of the “Romban Mission” Tohsan vows to stop the vile king and ensure the future of his friends and family; especially the future of his youngest son Yeirami Reinth, who proves to have a “promising” future ahead of him.

There is magic and swordplay, conflict and training that will change the shape of the world around them and even the destiny of some who are bound for incredible things beyond their own imagination. Will Tohsan be able to free his people along with the help of those closest to him? Or will the rule of the Demtris bloodline be too much to overcome and never end?

Science fiction fantasy fans will enjoy Universal Savior First Title: The Tenth Savior. A story of conflict, and destiny filled with magic, and swordplay.

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