Vampire Addiction

Luna belonged in a vegetarian vampire clan. She had never consumed human blood ever since she was born. It was one of the things she was proud of. When she turned twenty-one, she decided to live amongst humans and study in a university to experience new things.
Everything was going very well.

Until, she met her best friend’s brother, Luke. The only human being who has a blood that awakens the thirst she had never experience for humans in her entire life.
Aside from his blood, Luna was attracted to him with a hope that it’s not impossible for a human and a vampire to be together.
But how was she supposed to be with Luke if every time he’s around a monster inside her want’s to suck the life out of him? Will Luna find a way to quench her thirst?

Praise for Vampire Addiction

“I’m not into reading fiction story I rather read action books or educational stories. But the story between luna and luke captures me. A vegetarian vampire that never taste a blood until she met the man that opened up her thirstiness. I love the suspense and the sexual content of it. It all fits with the story. I also enjoy the inclusion of some comedy scenes. Over all thumbs up to this book.”

“As a fan of vampire stories, I was sure from the start that this book would provide me with exciting content to read. And yet, I was pleasantly surprised by some of it. There are all kinds of elements and details included, some of which are still “fresh” in the vampire-story scene.”

“A vegetarian vampire? – Check!
Lots of suspense? – Check!
Humor? -My favorite one, check!
Sexual goodness? – Check!”

“Looking forward to reading more similar stories to this one. Good job, Veronica Miller!”

“This romance vampire novella is one of the most interesting ones out there. The plot did a good job of keeping me interesting and hooked throughout story. Overall, if you like romance vampire stories then you’ll love this book. It’s definitely a great choice!”

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