View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale

View From the Sixth Floor


View From the Sixth Floor is a romantic thriller novel that takes a fictional “what if” look at the JFK assassination. Firstly, suppose accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had lived to defend himself. Then imagine if 50 years after the assassination someone stepped forward to reveal the truth of what happened that day.

What if the assassination was a conspiracy and the impact of those revelations reached into the 21st century? This is the story of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. After reading, you’ll never look at your neighbors the same way.

Book Reviews for View From the Sixth Floor:

“This is a very entertaining book. Side note: I loved Judy’s character. What a riot the woman is! As a result, I was smitten with the plot, the love story, and the humane views author Elizabeth Horton-Newton presents. To conclude, it is beautiful.”

“Overall, this is an excellent read. Is it a love story wrapped around a conspiracy, or maybe a conspiracy wrapped around a love story? It doesn’t matter, because it will appeal to readers of both. It is well constructed, well written and has that great ‘plausibility’ factor about it. Therefore, it should make anybody think twice before discounting the possibility of it being more fact that fantasy.”

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