What Is Healing?: Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness


In this book, you will: Learn how unconditional love can awaken your intuitive gifts. Reveal how to open your heart to access your highest intelligence. Uncover how to communicate with your angels and spiritual guides. Awaken your own psychic abilities. Identify the key aspects of a medical intuitive reading. Discern how addiction to staying sick can keep you from healing. Reveal the blessing behind a mental or physical breakdown. Grasp the four key difficulties that lead to health problems. Empower your own spiritual growth.

Book Reviews for What is Healing?:

“Using common sense and wit, every page delivers useful and beneficial advice to promote healing. This is a very enjoyable and easy read. It will leave you well informed and inspired to use your own intuition through unconditional love, to better yourself, and all of those around you.”

“This is the best book I have ever read. It’s an amazing journey into what’s really achievable. It’s a must read if you are looking to get to the highest level of consciousness possible. I read this book in a day! Sensational read! Thank you Catherine.”

“The reader can read any chapter as a separate nugget, or, follow sequentially from Chapter 1 to the conclusion of the book. The author provides quality information that every person should be aware of and incorporating into their own lives.”

“This is not a textbook, yet it contains age old information that would be considered textbook earned. The author is a very beautiful writer and any reader will be uplifted by its contents.”

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