X2: Another Collection of Horror



The sequel to 2014’s successful X: A Collection of Horror features ten more slices of dark fiction from the blood-soaked pages of Fantastic Horror, Unspoken Water, Dark Valentine and several anthologies. Also includes two previously unpublished stories, extensive notes, and original artwork by Greg Chapman.

Meet the teacher who sees dead pupils, the ambulance crew who pick up a casualty who won’t die, and the childhood friends who spend the night in a haunted pub. Along the way you can meet a man who refuses to accept his wife’s death and goes to extreme lengths to keep the flame of love alive, the boy who just likes to watch you sleep, and maybe even pay a visit to an antique shop with a deadly secret. If you dare.

WARNING: Graphic Content

Book Reviews:

“I found this an interesting collection of horror. It kept me interested and never seemed to be repeating itself. Has me looking for his longer works.”

“X2 by C.M. Saunders is a very unique collection of short stories that range from sad to disturbing to downright scary. If you’re looking to be fully engaged and thoroughly entertained, then this collection is for you! Just don’t do what I did and read it right before bed. Had I not stayed up all night reading, I’m sure I would have had nightmares. Especially after the last story.”

“Saunders has become one of my favorite authors, so having read X: A Collection of Horror, I was eager to get my hands on this second collection of short fiction”

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