You Want to be an Online Freelancer… Now What?


You Want to Be an Online Freelancer… Now What?

A rather common misunderstanding is that freelancers are labelled such because they work for free – or next to it. But this is not the case. In fact, freelancing is one of the simplest, quickest, and cheapest ways to start working for yourself. So, if you’re interested in making money online, head over to Eeva Lancaster’s Desk where you will be pointed in the right direction.

Her book You Want to be an Online Freelancer… Now What? is a guide based on her own experiences, in which she “spills the beans on exactly what it means to be an online freelancer and what it takes to establish your own viable business”.


“Encouragement, motivation, guidance, and wit – that’s what you’ll find in Ms. Lancaster’s newest ‘Now What?’ book. While I’m not a freelancer (well, not yet), I read this book in one sitting. I bought it, then sat down to eat breakfast while reading and just kept turning pages!”

“Overall, this is a great reference book for an aspiring or beginner freelancer. It had the feel of good, solid advice offered over a steaming cup at a coffee shop by an honest friend who has made the journey into freelancing on her own. She has also learned many important lessons along the way.”

“People who are interested in entering this competitive field will be interested in this book, because it holds comprehensive advice and guidelines for . It focuses on the necessities: the materials and skill sets one needs to be successful finding work online and doing this work from home.”

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